Libreversity: Notes on a Free Mutual University, part 1

Lately, I’ve been discussing a concept for sort of commune which would evolve out of a university model. Today, many universities strive for community and self-sufficiency, such that students regularly are either employed or volunteer to maintain the school. What if this model could be extended, and provide a self-sufficient voluntary creative and educational organization? What would a free/libre university look like?

In these articles, I hope to explore “Libreversity”, or a university based on concepts found in time banking (mutualism), which could provide both free education for all and a viable strategy to “vertically integrate” alternative institutions.

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Making things better in 2011

2011 is truly the age of radical social and democratic change. The Internet has caused revolutions in politics, and the non-scarce nature of information is forcing society to rethink basic economic assumptions.

Lately, I have been writing essays and having debates regarding politics and economics, and so I created this blog.

I have already put up a lengthy essay here, which serves as both a brief introduction to communo-anarchism and provides, in a simple and logical way, why it may better leverage human nature to produce a functioning society than current systems.


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